Seniors Association of Vaughan Initiatives – S.A.V.I. Celebrating a decade of Contributions!


The inspiration that established the Seniors Association of Vaughan Initiatives, (S.A.V.I), originated from members of the community whose interest it was to ensure better service provisions for the senior residents of the City of Vaughan. S.AV.I. was founded by our Honorary Chair Mario Ferri in 2006 and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with a mandate for advocacy, collaboration, and a theme of “Venturing Together”!

In 2023, S.A.V.I celebrated its twentieth anniversary, two decades of services! Its rich history indicates that this group has accomplished much for seniors.   Annual education and information workshops, trips to places of interest, Culturefest, and Seniorsfest were some of the many activities undertaken by S.A.V.I. Furthermore, S.A.V.I. was instrumental in encouraging the provincial government while securing a property tax rebate for seniors who owned property province wide. Many of the facilities where  local seniors clubs meet were renovated and upgraded, numerous joint programs and trips to places of interest were organized, cultural and holiday concerts were executed annually, the Seniors Fest/CultureFest  was expanded to accommodate up to 1,400 senior participants annually and the grandparent month intergenerational celebrations were extended throughout the month of September.

Wellbeing, Dignity and Respect are the principles and underpinnings that SAVI is built on. Its advocacy and more importantly, its actions are guided by this set of beliefs and values.

Founder and Honourary Chair –    Mario Ferri

President –   Ester Maglio